Research Raises Hopes for Gonorrhea Vaccine

Research raises hopes for gonorrhea vaccine.Antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea is on rise making it a common sexually transmitted infection as show by the data from 77 countries.

Annually, approximately 78 Million people are infected with gonorrhea. It can infect the genitals, rectum and throat.


The bacteria that cause gonorrhea are particularly smart, such that every time a new class of antibiotic  is introduced to treat the infection, the bacteria evolves to resist them.

bacteria causing meningococcal disease in the New Zealand outbreak was eventually “developed

collaboration between Chiron Vaccines, the National Institute of Public Health of Norway (NIPH) and the New Zealand government, a vaccine aiming the specific strain of bacteria causing meningococcal disease in the New Zealand outbreak was eventually developed

“Related bacteria”

Neisseria gonorrhea (bacteria that cause gonorrhea ) and Neisseria meningitids bacteria cause meningococcal disease ) are cousins. The later already have  the vaccine ,since the two are closely related scientists with pharmaceutical companies are working to develop a vaccine specifically against the infection.

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Cancer is NOT God’s curse.It can be cured.

Cancer is a group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body.

Breast cancer

According to statistics, cancer is the 3rd highest cause of death in Kenya just because of delayed detection and often those who suffer can’t afford treatment.
Cancer is not disastrous , it can be managed if people realize that it takes both individual and communal responsibility. The secret to beat odds on “An enemy that lies within us“,  is to go for early detection which greatly increase chances for successful treatment.
Stories from people who Beat Cancer (survivors)
The kisumu senator was struck by prostate cancer when he was Medical  Services Minister. Despite the fact  that he was at the Apex of Kenya Health services faced the cruelty of “beast”

Prof.Anyang Nyong’o

“I was diagnosed in July, 2010.My first reaction was shock of course. My Doctor immediately put me on Hormone therapy to stop the spread while  awaiting further treatment and at long last I felt confident that I conquered the Beast”.He said.
2. Rose Nasimiyu
Rose, captured Kenyans hearts with her bravery and courage to fight God’s curse ( cancer) after diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer in 2011.she still oozes courage.

Prof.Anyang Nyong’o with Rose Nasimiyu branded “Beast Survivors”

I encourage young cancer patients to have faith and believe in life after deadly disease”.Nasimiyu Reveals.
3.Jacqui Gathumbi
Jacgui survived brain tumor, after underwent surgery and 27 sessions of radiography to kill the remaining 1% of the tumor in her brain.

Jacqui survived brain tumor at the same time she gave birth to her daughter Angel

” I collapsed while i was seven month pregnant and I lost my consciousness, the bad news  was that I was diagnosed with brain tumor.But I gave birth to my daughter Angel, one month before my tumor was surgically removed.” She lamented
4.Doris Mayoli
Doris is an ordinary Kenyan who survived breast cancer- the founder of “Twakutukuza Trust“- an organization she started about 2yrs ago. She best understands what it means to have cancer and how to manage it.this woman had an inspirational story to tell after experiencing a tough journey of lost of hope, fear of death and period of denial.

Doris Mayoli breast cancer survivor

“I wanted a second opinion just to confirm it was true that I actually had abreast cancer”.she said
Cancer is NOT disastrous, Beast , God’s curse , threat to disability and NOT deadly disease.
Most importantly it can be cured.Another study showed that a higher intake of fresh fruits and vegetables can reduce the prevalence of chronic conditions of the disease.Additionally, the more colorful and natural diet rich in antioxidant you take,the healthier and more colorful you feel.
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Raids hotspots and healthcare in Turkana


Turkana warriors watering animals at water point.

Nakwamoru health centre was once the best hospital in Turkana south. But Nowdays things are changing for unknown reasons. This health facility is under ownership of Kenya Episcopal conference-Catholic Secretariat and it partner with the Ministry of Health to meet common objectives .It offers health services such as ART-Anti-retroviral Therapy, Community Integrated Management of Childhood Illness,Family Planning, Home Based Care and Inpatient department

The Hospital had higher performance not by chance even patients from other health facilities were being referred to “white Stone ” hospital as the name depicts.

If you cross R. Turkwel towards the other side ,there is Kaputir Dispensary which has been upgraded into Health centre and owned by Ministry Of Health under Turkana county government. Recently ,before WASH supported them with masonry water tank (50m3), expectant women used go to Nakwamoru health mission center (15KM away) for delivery because of lack of enough water at the facility.


Masonry water tank (50M3) at Kaputir health centre supported by WASH

Nakwamoru location is under kaputir ward. These areas are claimed to be the hotspots of raids .killings are the norms and the order of the day. Nakwomoru and Kaputir herders are avoiding grazing their livestock along the Turkwel River in groups as large herds can easily attract an ambush. The two facilities are life saving during raids, whenever a warrior survive a bullet as result of “fire” exchange, bleeding and Minor surgeries are attended upon arrival of the victims.

Insecurity is paralyzing and compromising the health sector in these particular region .in rare cases you can find health research and surveys being conducted in those places because even the the researchers have that phobia of their brains being blown away by a projectile “thing ” expelled from the barrel of a firearm. I observed that, during immunizations programs like Polio virus vaccinations which is administered against poliomyelitis ( characterized by acute paralysis of lower extremes) the access to Ngarumrumio(small clustered homesteads) is very limited and from my own point of view, I don’t think if immunization coverage often attained whenever immunization is carried out . since then accessibility is refrained, missed opportunities are inevitable.The main obstacle here is insecurity. Insecurity is not even a song is a chorus in side a song we keep on reminding our leaders . if were not insecurity and poor infrastructure such as roads, either Nakwamoru or Kaputir health facility could have been transformed to District Hospital which neither of them is. Right now we have only one District Hospital at Lokichar in Turkana South which is not even operational.its one of projects funded by Tullow oil company to benefit the local community in future and i still puzzling over how sooner will it be operational.

Turkana east is another concern. when security is breached, daily normal activities are impaired.Earlier this year at the end of February, access to healthcare services were disrupted in Kamuge and Lomelo of Turkana East sub county following a wave of insecurity that had had hit the area.Health workers fled the area due to insecurity leaving the residents vulnerable. Consequently, a chief was forced to take up additional roles of providing security and administering non complicated treatment to residents of Kamuge.
Insecurity really is a threat to our health care system in Turkana especially borderline of Turkana East and South.
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A story of a woman who was infected with HIV virus from “side dish”(Mpango wa kando)


Turkana map

Turkana county is situated northern Kenya, about 700km from Nairobi, Turkana County,  Turkana is the second largest county in Kenya covering 68,680 square kilometres.its described as the cradle of humankind. Turkana County is one of marginalized communities in Kenya during era of centralized national government. The county has benefited enormously from devolution and health being a devolved unit. The county had an increase of numbers of health facilities, in the last decade were less health facilities and currently we have 224 health facilities public and private included. Turkana being host community of Tullow oil ( leading independent oil & gas, exploration and production group) and beneficiaries of part of Tullow’s social investment projects in Turkana, Tullow spent Ksh140 million in building three level 4 hospitals, each at Lokichar(not yet operating) Lokori and Kanamkemer.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), availability of skilled and motivated health workers in sufficient numbers is critical in attaining better healthcare outcomes. 2years and some months ago ,Kenya Service Availability and Readiness Assessment Mapping (SARAM) ,conducted a study that  there is only one health worker for every in 2,456 people, while in Turkana and Kisi counties the ratio is 1:2,148 and 1:1,930 respectively. In regard to that my expectation is that the Turkana County would have increased the distribution of health workers for every health facility per person. In term of special care Lodwar County and Referral has improved tremendously such that Ethiopians, Ugandans and south Sudanese visit the facility mainly to seek for specialized care.

 Health is a devolved functional unit-that’s  health workers can be recruited at count level. To access the services, proximity to health facilities is also factor to consider. Since 2013, the distance between health facilities has reduced from 50-20kms in Turkana County, simply because of converting so many dispensaries into health centers and equipping other new dispensaries. What does this imply? – Its means accessibility to health facilities has been enhanced. also ideally, increase in numbers of health facilities and conversion of dispensaries to health centers is the indictor  of heightened numbers of health workers .we have approximately more than 800  health workers in Turkana county . According to Kenya and US Agency for international development through Human Resource for Health Capacity Bridge Project, 85% of the health workforce are not originally from Turkana County. What has attracted and caused the retain of health workers is due to some incentives such as; 

  • New staff housing, 
  • Improvement of occupational safety and health measures 
  • Promotion from one job group to another along with instant update of files to correspond change in job groups.
  • Medical insurance for staff
  • County pays membership fees  both registration and renewal  for staffs.

  Water and sanitation are integrally used together. No water, no sanitation, since immemorial the biblical perspective   also shows how cleanliness is vital, has it say “cleanliness is next to God “. According to our constitution every Kenyan is entitled to live in a healthy environment. What we have to work on as a county and other stakeholders in partnership with, is to improve the wanting and a sorry state of sanitation in the county. According to water and sanitation program (WSP) ,  Improved  sanitation  was 6.6%  and unimproved  was  5.6 % but what is more problematic is that there were more people practicing open defecation(OD)  which was 82.1 %(WSP,2014), there is a wide gap  and community total  lead sanitation is needed to improve  sanitation. I remember a times back in 2014, Lokwamosing village in Turkana County was facing a looming disease outbreak as result of improper human waste disposal, moreover out of 352 households, only 12 have pit latrines, forcing many residents to use the bushes to relieve themselves and that’s open defecation

Malnutrion is also the most prevalent health condition in Turkana County. Most of the children are vulnerable to malnutrition. Severely malnourished child is more times susceptible to diseases due compromised immunity as compared to nourished child. This is more pronounce during disastrous emergencies where by health system is impaired and who suffer most are vulnerable groups. Turkana County being one of arid and semi-arid ,with UNICEF support of bi-weekly integrated outreach and screenings which were done in the most affected sub-counties of turkana. The main objective of the outreaches were screening and on spot treatment of acutely malnourished children, treatment of childhood illness, immunization and vitamin Supplementation

Turkana informative health generally is concluding that health in turkana is improving as compared to last decade. But there’s a bit lagging in the side of sanitation such that most of the people still practicing open defecation.

What you may know about flies and Human Health?


 Housefly is an insect of medical importance.Mostly they act as disease transmitter and pathogens housefly have alife span of approximately 30 days but they pose health threats to humans . Its hard to differentiate between male and female fly . If someone have a look keenly ,the two are distinct.

Afly can lay batches of about 100 eggson decaying organic matter such as garbage , carrion or feces .some species larvae can cause myiasis-is the parasitic infestation of the body of a live mammal by fly larvae (maggots) that grow inside the host while feeding on its tissue.  flies are most commonly attracted to open wound.

Flies do not have teeth . Their mouths absorb food like a sponge. They can only eat liquids but they can turn many solid foods into a liquid through spitting or vomiting on it. Their tongues are shaped like straws so they can suck up their food. They eat any wet or decaying matter, but they are particularly attracted to pet waste because the odor is strong and it is easy for them to find.Houseflies are commonly found flying within the House ,this where the name derived from.if you get two or more house flies within your house then that’s  measuring tool or an indictors of unsanitary conditions of your house.

There’s some measure also that are commonly use to get rid of flies,they are not only nuisance pests but they are responsible for contaminating food and transmit diseases.When flies are around, humans can become very sick.some of the preventive measures are to keep your home clean,remove trash every day and keep kitchen counters clean and immediately remove rotting from your home.

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