The Importance  of Eegis (Cissus-quadrangularias) 

Eegis is an evergreen Perennial climbing herb with tuberous rootstock, stems quardrangular and succulent, mostly found in the semi-arid part of Kenya e.g Turkana 

Common Names 

Cactus vine, mbugu-nyama and it’s botanical name is Cissus-quadrangularias 


It’s a natural medicinal herb that has been used traditional to treat some health conditions 

Eegis  extract composition (phytochemical-plant’s organic chemical) 

It’s obtains vitamin C, calcium in form of calcium oxalate, antioxidants

Medicinal uses

  1. Scurvy treatment :Used to treat scurvy since it contain vitamin c
  2. Bone fratures : it’s effective in healing of bones frature due to increased supply of calcium as one of nutrients that is used for bone formation 
  3. Pain reliever : Eegis can relieve pain more than loop Aspirin  and Ibruprofen fen, it contain antioxidants that reduces inflammation that causes pain and swelling 
  4. Termite control:It’s has got also  pesticidal effect that is effective on termites  control

We Recommend the use of Eegis since it has mild  or no side effects. Compared to other pharmaceutical drugs 

DISCLAIMER :not certified by Food and Drug Administration