Drought in Turkana 

Drought and nutrition are linked. The more drought persist the nutrition status of a population deteriorates. In most cases malnutrition rises especially in semi arids areas. Furthermore drought have significant health concerns. 

     Poor Air Quality 

    Drought reduces the air quality posed health  risks to the people as result of dry soil dusts and pollen grains floating in the air causing Asthma and other acute respiratory diseases. 

    A photo : showing Dust floating in the air

    Poor water quality 

    In semi arid underground water tend to turn more saline. The higher the extent of drought the more the level of evaporation hence accumulation of salt causing  salinity, therefore poor water quality. Also water table tend to be very low causing water scarcity. Some time people are forced to trek  for long distance to get somehow wholesome water due inaccessibility  to  water point

    River Turkwel
    Children fetching water from R. Turkwel


    Malnutrition cases escalates during drought. The indicators for acute malnutrition is depicted by muscle wasting and loss weight among under five. Malnourished children have increased  susceptibility and vulnerability to co-morbidities due to reduce immune to  fight against and shield them against infections. The most important warning signs of drought which likely to be detected and reported by meteriological department to National drought management Authority for immediate action and response to mitigate encroaching drought include the following. 

     livestock death 

    -Water shortage 


    Dead Animal 

    re are a lot of hot sunny days

    – Only a little amount of water has occurred during the month

    – Plants trees and grass are starting to turn brown

    – Water levels in lakes are low and starts to become an emergency i. e Lake Turkana 

    Dead Animal.