What you may know about flies and Human Health?


 Housefly is an insect of medical importance.Mostly they act as disease transmitter and pathogens harbourers.an housefly have alife span of approximately 30 days but they pose health threats to humans . Its hard to differentiate between male and female fly . If someone have a look keenly ,the two are distinct.

Afly can lay batches of about 100 eggson decaying organic matter such as garbage , carrion or feces .some species larvae can cause myiasis-is the parasitic infestation of the body of a live mammal by fly larvae (maggots) that grow inside the host while feeding on its tissue.  flies are most commonly attracted to open wound.

Flies do not have teeth . Their mouths absorb food like a sponge. They can only eat liquids but they can turn many solid foods into a liquid through spitting or vomiting on it. Their tongues are shaped like straws so they can suck up their food. They eat any wet or decaying matter, but they are particularly attracted to pet waste because the odor is strong and it is easy for them to find.Houseflies are commonly found flying within the House ,this where the name derived from.if you get two or more house flies within your house then that’s  measuring tool or an indictors of unsanitary conditions of your house.

There’s some measure also that are commonly use to get rid of flies,they are not only nuisance pests but they are responsible for contaminating food and transmit diseases.When flies are around, humans can become very sick.some of the preventive measures are to keep your home clean,remove trash every day and keep kitchen counters clean and immediately remove rotting from your home.