Cancer is NOT God’s curse.It can be cured.

Cancer is a group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body.
Breast cancer
According to statistics, cancer is the 3rd highest cause of death in Kenya just because of delayed detection and often those who suffer can’t afford treatment.
Cancer is not disastrous , it can be managed if people realize that it takes both individual and communal responsibility. The secret to beat odds on “An enemy that lies within us“,  is to go for early detection which greatly increase chances for successful treatment.
Stories from people who Beat Cancer (survivors)
The kisumu senator was struck by prostate cancer when he was Medical  Services Minister. Despite the fact  that he was at the Apex of Kenya Health services faced the cruelty of “beast”
Prof.Anyang Nyong’o
“I was diagnosed in July, 2010.My first reaction was shock of course. My Doctor immediately put me on Hormone therapy to stop the spread while  awaiting further treatment and at long last I felt confident that I conquered the Beast”.He said.
2. Rose Nasimiyu
Rose, captured Kenyans hearts with her bravery and courage to fight God’s curse ( cancer) after diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer in 2011.she still oozes courage.
Prof.Anyang Nyong’o with Rose Nasimiyu branded “Beast Survivors”
I encourage young cancer patients to have faith and believe in life after deadly disease”.Nasimiyu Reveals.
3.Jacqui Gathumbi
Jacgui survived brain tumor, after underwent surgery and 27 sessions of radiography to kill the remaining 1% of the tumor in her brain.
Jacqui survived brain tumor at the same time she gave birth to her daughter Angel
” I collapsed while i was seven month pregnant and I lost my consciousness, the bad news  was that I was diagnosed with brain tumor.But I gave birth to my daughter Angel, one month before my tumor was surgically removed.” She lamented
4.Doris Mayoli
Doris is an ordinary Kenyan who survived breast cancer- the founder of “Twakutukuza Trust“- an organization she started about 2yrs ago. She best understands what it means to have cancer and how to manage it.this woman had an inspirational story to tell after experiencing a tough journey of lost of hope, fear of death and period of denial.
Doris Mayoli breast cancer survivor
“I wanted a second opinion just to confirm it was true that I actually had abreast cancer”.she said
Cancer is NOT disastrous, Beast , God’s curse , threat to disability and NOT deadly disease.
Most importantly it can be cured.Another study showed that a higher intake of fresh fruits and vegetables can reduce the prevalence of chronic conditions of the disease.Additionally, the more colorful and natural diet rich in antioxidant you take,the healthier and more colorful you feel.
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