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Neurotechnology is a branch of neuroscience that has a fundamental influence on how people understand the brain and various aspects of consciousness , thought, and higher order activities in the brain. It also includes technologies that are designed to improve and repair brain function and allow researchers and clinicians to visualize the brain.

IMG_20170525_175332_348NDPcheck is a medical device use for diagnosis and treatment of the neurological complications of diabetes.its has a software which is used for treatment and management of diabetes and its complications. Diabetes have nerve related complications. Its called diabetic neuropathies, which affect over 50% of people with diabetes. If remains untreated, diabetic neuropathies trigger foot ulcers that may require amputation or body part cut off , it causse disabling pain, and increase the risk of falling in the elderly

Advantages of the device includes:

  • Early detection of DPN, even in the absence of symptoms and signs.
  • it helps to confirm or rule-out Diabetic Peripheral Neurophathy and quantify severity
  • Monitors changes in DPN over time and in response to treatment.

IMG_20170525_175531_010Fisher Wallace Stimulator 

Let me put this across, the device uses waveforms to gently stimulate the brain to produce serotonin and other neurochemicals responsible for healthy mood and sleep.

The device is said to be treating depression, anxiety and insomnia and has been proven to be safe and effective by Food Drug Administration. I can say this is a very important breakthrough in the field neuroscience. Another study done at Mt.Sinai Hospital revealed that the use of fisher Wallace stimulator to treat depression was effective .

To clear doubts like -Does it work?. Columbia University psychiatrist Richard P. Brown testify that he used the device  with 400 severely depressed patients and that more than 70% find relief — about twice the rate of anti-depressants.

I opt that , Kenya National Hospital and others should have atleast one Fisher wallace stimulator to reduce upgrades of mental disorder that will end up Mathare referrals. I like advanced health systems of westerners , I don’t know when and which century will we African be close to them.